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Well, another year behind us and OH what a year it was ! This year's 2002 All Star Classic was the 8th annual event held in Jacksonville , Florida. Promoter Kathy Connors says "It took several years to build this show up but it certainly showed this year, with a sellout crowd, standing room only, and the Fire Marshalls stopping any more people from entering the building.

With 38 top quality competitors hitting the stage it was quite a sight. The new NPC Figure event seems to have dominated this show along with many other shows in Florida. The Master of Ceremonies Bob Mitchell, a radio disc jockey from Orlando Florida was fantastic at keeping the audience on edge, never knowing what to expect from him. The national Anthem was sung by a dear friend of Kathy's from Atlanta, Robert Humpidge. Guest poser Beth Roberts (2001 nationals overall winner) wowed the crowd with her symmetrical and full physique as she prepares for her pro debut at the Jan Tana, August 17th.

Starting out the show were 12 of the most beautiful and shapely figure women to hit the stage in Florida. A couple of these competitors were debuting in their first show right here at the All Star Classic, but you would of thought that all of them had several trophies under their belt. Winning the figure division was Sharon Eaton, a natural beauty with plenty of toned muscle and a beautiful personality to match. Second in the figure division was Julie Buchannan. A lovely woman with a classy look, and a great physique to match There was only 1 point seperating these two figure winners, as you can see the judges had a tough time.

There was one fitness competitor who was on this stage last year in figre. She decided that even though so many women are leaving fitness for figure competition, she was ready to make her mark in fitness. The winner Melissa Gallaher.

The mens masters division was definitely a force to reckon with ! Police leiutenant Randy Parmer won the over 35 division, and his training partner Skip Sylvester, who is also a seasoned competitor and trainer took home the over 40 division. The men's over 50 division was won by John LaBruzza, who also has been on the All Star stage in the years past. Randy Parmer was the overall Masters Champion and left happily afterwards with his wife Sheri Parmer who placed 8th in the figure division.

The womens over 50 division was won unopposed by Sheri Bubeck of Deland , Florida, she also took the women's masters overall.

There was quite a stir between the teen men, but Brandon Broomfield emerged as the winner, and TJ Jamorski taking second place.

Seasoned competitor Nancy Roberts of Jacksonville dominated the lightweight division over the lovely Julie Buchannan. The middleweight class was very competitive with Peggy Hilbert winning that class and the overall. Peggy weighed in at 128 lbs and is 54 years old. Looking absolutely phenomenal and overpowering all the other women in the open division. Placing second in the middleweight class was Taime Viner, who also placed 7th in the figure competition. The open womens heavyweight winner was Rae Allison Kilpatrick. Rae also being 50 years old sure did show some of the younger folks a thing or two !

The men's open competition again was faced with some of the best bodies in the south. The lightweight division was won by Trevor Walker of Jacksonville. The men's open middleweight division had some fierce competition between 4 outstanding phsiques. Emerging as the victor was Jamie Ibone of Apopka, Florida. The men's lightheavy division had a clear winner, Roger Ferrer of Miami Florida. As they get bigger and bigger...the heavyweight division was won by Donald Browser Jr of Jacksonville. Finally, on to the biggest. Superheavyweight Hezekiah Hardeman took the division looking his best ever, another veteran to the All Star stage. The men's open overall winner was Jamie Ibone from Apopka , Florida

We would like to thank our sponsors for their dedication to a fit and healthy lifestyle by supporting this event. Thanks: Venus Swimwear Inc, The Stellar Group, Commit to be Fit Inc, Amelia Wellness Center, Larry's Giant Subs, Irony Magazine, and Holiday Inn Baymeadows.

After the show, all competitors were invited to party and eat, receiving a complimentary dessert or drink of their choice...compliments of the promoter herself, Kathy Connors, who at the time was preparing for the USA Championships in Las Vegas July 27th. Yes, she did indulge one last time before resumming her competition diet ! See you all next year.......

Pictures from the 2002 All Star Classic:

Julie Buchannan
placed 2nd in figure

Sharon Eaton

Randy Parmer
Mens over 35 Winner
Masters Class Overall Winner

Skip Sylvester
Mens over 40 Winner

Kathy Connors
The Promoter herself..

Sherri Bubeck
Womens Over 50 Winner
and Masters Overall Winner

Melissa Gallaher
Fitness Winner

Special Guest Appearance
Beth Roberts
2001 Nationals Heavyweight Winner

Dennis Russo
Special Guest Poser
(Wheelchair Champion)

Teen Division
#27 TJ. Jamorski - 2nd Place
#28 Brandon Broomfield - 1st Place

Peggy Hilbert
Womens Overall Winner

Mens over 50
#23 Arthur Elden (2nd Place)
#22 John LaBruzza (1st Place)

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