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This link was created for you, my fans and supporters who LOVE and ADORE muscular women! As you know by looking at my achievement link, I have been competing a long time. The cost to maintain a tip top physique is paralleled with the time it takes as well. Many of my fans/supporters throughout the years have asked to help in a small way, to show their support because they know when preparing for a competition, the costs of proper food, supplements, tanning, suits, travel and hotel expenses add up. The prizes awarded are usually very small if any at all, and the trophy looks great in my office but doesn't help with all the preparation. If you would like to help support my competitive efforts in 2011, your donations would be greatly appreciated. I would love to hear from all my fans and supporters across the globe!

Please, let me know. I have prepared some special things for my sponsors. All help is appreciated and needed. You can send it through the mail to me at:

KAT Promotions
9802 Baymeadows Rd
Suite 12  Box 103
Jacksonville, Florida 32256

Please be sure to email me with your request for sponsorship and the method you would like to use to send the sponsorship funds, along with your mailing address and email address to send you the appropriate gifts as a thank you for your support.

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